You may be interested in visiting these sites related to my research interests:

The Growth Initiative site provides information about posttraumatic growth (PTG) research.  I am collaborating on this work with colleagues Eranda Jayawickreme, Marie Forgeard, Laura Blackie, and William Fleeson.

Elevation Research provides information about research on awe, inspiration, elevation, and other self-transcendent states.  My work on post-ecstatic growth is included in this site.

The Penn Positive Psychology Center (PPC) site provides a wealth of information about the field of Positive Psychology, including research, questionnaires, recommended reading, opportunities to get involved in studies, and news about initiatives taking place at the PPC.

The SuperBetter site will allow you to access the innovative web-based/iPhone-based self-help tool developed by my colleague Jane McGonigal.  (Note that the specific content used in our study about SuperBetter and depression is NOT publicly available on the site, but lots of other great content is.)

The University of Pennsylvania Psychology Department site provides information about a wide range of cutting-edge research projects being conducted at Penn.