Clinical Work

Life is good and life is really hard, sometimes at the same time. It can help to have someone on our side to provide non-judgmental support, a fresh perspective, and practical skills for dealing with challenges, traumas, and transitions. Help is available and change is possible.

Finding a therapist who is a good “fit” for you is important, so I provide a bit of information about my approach here, and am also happy to offer a 20-minute phone consultation free of charge to help determine whether my approach is likely to be a good match for you. My therapy services are:

(1) Strengths-based: I believe there is more right with you than wrong with you. I work with you to identify your strengths and values, and to figure out how to use these to move forward through difficult times.

(2) Science-based: I use therapeutic approaches that are well-supported by research. Broadly, my approach is cognitive-behavioral, which is based on the idea that our emotions, thoughts, and actions all impact each other. We often seek therapy because we want to feel differently, and often it can be helpful to approach this by thinking and acting differently. My approach to therapy tends to be practical and relatively brief. To maximize your gains, I’ll often invite you to experiment with changes or new practices on your own time (outside my office).

(3) Collaborative and person-centered: You are the best expert on yourself. I can share expertise on the process of change and growth. Together, we are a team of experts collaborating to get you to where you want to be, based on your unique values and goals.

(4) LGBTQIA+ affirming: I value diversity of all kinds, and want to extend a warm welcome to our trans*, gender non-conforming, gender-diverse, and LGBQIA+ community. I am available to provide assessments and letters of support for individuals seeking gender-affirming medical procedures.

A note on pro bono services: I offer two types of psychological assessments free of charge: (1) assessments for individuals seeking political asylum in the United States, and (2) assessments for individuals seeking gender-affirming medical procedures such as hormone therapy and surgical procedures.

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to reach out to me at to schedule a phone consultation.

Links: You can learn more about some of the approaches I use here: Prolonged Exposure (PTSD), Cognitive Processing Therapy (PTSD), Exposure and Response Prevention (OCD), behavioral treatment of anxiety, and Motivational Interviewing.  You can learn more about evidence-based practice here.