I am working toward a PhD in Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania.  I study both clinical psychology (which is mostly about fixing things that go wrong) and positive psychology (which is mostly about enhancing things that go right).  I’m especially interested in where these two topics meet.  How do some people survive, and even thrive, despite challenging circumstances?  How can people mobilize their own strengths to help them overcome troubles?  How might people change for the better after the lowest lows and highest highs of their lives?  How can innovative interventions promote such positive changes?

Dr. Martin Seligman, my faculty advisor,  is a founder of the field of positive psychology.

Dr. Dianne Chambless, a faculty mentor, is an expert in evidence-based treatments for psychological disorders.

Dr. Angela Duckworth, another mentor on my dissertation committee, is an expert on grit and self-control.

Dr. Sara Jaffee, a collaborator and mentor, is an expert on psychological resilience.